The taste of a terroir

The dress is yellow rather pale, slightly cloudy. The noze is percussive, on notes of apple roasted in butter, apricot and smoke, with a ery small resinous touch (pine needle). The mouth is slender, taut without being stiff, coated with a rich, pulpy, fruity material, with a rather impressive density. No heaviness, however. It’s more about sensual gluttony. The final still rises a notch in the density ; it is powerful, chewy, without it being tanic / astringent. Again, gluttony takes precedence, with the fruity / buttered / smoky notes perceived in the nose, and an intensity that not only does not weaken but swings a nice slap.

This gastronomic white can cope with many sophisticated dishes. Its fat and minerality are perfectly combined with white truffle sauces. Its material also allows it to perfectly combine with spicy dishes such as curried chicken cutlets.

Wine-making : Skin maceration from 6 days to 14 degrees (scuffed, trampled). Selection only of the drops juice, then fermentation in half muids (barrels of 600l) and amphorae in terracotta. The rearing is extended in the same containers without racking. Bottling is done without filtration or sticking after 10 months.