Pécharmant cuvée Louise

Gastronomy's best companion

Faithfull to the one who gave her name to this cuvée, this wine with character shows imposing and delicate aspects. The mouthfeel presents at first a fleshy and dense texture, to finish with delicacy giving a complex wine with silky tannins. Its spiced aromas are enhanced by sweet notes, with a length that caress your palate over and over again.

Louise is gastronomy's best companion. A venison stew or a duck magret with morels will bring out its charms. It also can be self- sufficient and be appreciated by its own. For those who will have the patience to wait so far, you can keep it between 10 and 15 years, and even more.

Wine-making : After having selected the most beautiful terroir and having been very careful with it, we have waited for the perfect ripeness to harvest. The grapes have directly been pick out a first time, and a second time during the hand destemming. The instruction was to only select perfect berries. Then, the berries have been put in open barrels (2-3 year old) during 50 days. The idea was to have a very gentle extraction, respecting the beautiful fruits we harvested. Next we have separated the free-run juice from the press juice, put back the free-run juice in the barrels (closed this time), and we aged the wine for 15 months. The only addition to this wine is one gram of SO2 before bottling it.