La Gouyate

The Awakening of the Senses

Its golden reflects colour is charming. Its nose is pretty fresh and mineral, with a zest of tropical fruits. The mouthfeel has at first a great acidity and richness, and then an explosion of fruits, a hint of sweetness which remind honey, and to finish a pleasant freshness that awakes the palate. With the sweet fruits aromas, the freshness and the length give this wine all its beauty and the desire to have another sip.

It will be ideal for summer aperitif with simple food such as vegetable crisps with a Greek sauce, or with more sophisticated food such as foie gras (the perfect trio with onion jam), a Roquefort risotto, or pork chop with cream. It could also accompany your dessert with a chocolate charlotte, a mango soufflé, or a tiramisu. In a word, it is the best companion for the whole meal.

Harvest : It needs the exact percentage of noble rot to have a harmonious mix between sugar, richness and aromas, and in order to have a good quantity of healthy berries to guarantee freshness and intensity. It was harvested at dawn in order to have grapes as fresh as possible.

Wine-making : Direct pressing, with a pneumatic press and then cold settling. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts (as for all of our wines), to preserve our terroir characteristics and originality. When the balance between alcohol and residual sugar is reached, the fermentation is stopped by filtration. Then, the wine is shortly aged on fine lees in a stainless steel tank. The wine is bottled within a few days of filtration in order to minimize SO<sup>2</sup> doses. The ageing is done in bottles during 3 months before being marketing.